Harvard and Radcliffe College Class of 1958
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Harvard and Radcliffe College Class of 1958 - Latest News

05-30-2008 - Class of 1958 Rowers 50th Reunion List as of May 30, 208
Dear 50th Reunion Rowers,

Be at Newell Boat House on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 8 AM ready to plow the waves.

Bring cameras, watchers, medics, and be suited up.

Jolly Boating Weather for the Fiftieth,


Nick Tilney  and Charlie Atkinson

PS  Link to the Stewart Hussey YouTube of the Fiftieth Reunion Row

The 50th Rowing Reunion for the Class of 1958: June 3, 2008

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  A B C D E F
1 last_name first_name middle_name prefix suffix preferred_email
2 Alcorn William Wright Mr.   hacienda@hughes.net
3 Atkinson Charles Dessau Dr. III cdatkinson3@gmail.com
4 Bertelsen Viggo Christian Mr. Jr. vcbertelsenjr@gmail.com
5 Coolidge Lawrence   Mr.   lcoolidge@lwcotrust.com
6 Cushman Allerton   Mr. Jr. jaycushman@gmail.com
7 Rhoades Stephen    Mr.    srhoades@comcast.net
Finley John Huston Mr. III margotgf@aol.com
9 Fitzgibbons Harold Edward Mr. Jr. HF@toptechnology.co.uk
10 Fullerton Allen W. Mr.   alfullerton@msn.com
11 Hajek Joseph V. Dr.   jvhajek@suet.net
12 Hirtz Theodore Simeon Mr. Jr. tedhirtz@wt.net
13 Hussey Stewart Harris Mr.   stew@lawrenceappraisers.com
14 McElroy Lowell Ross Mr.   rmcelroy@businessvoice.com
15 Tilney Nicholas L. Dr.   ntilney@partners.org

        (617) 566-6747
17 Tyler Robert       rtyler@tbgrlaw.com
18           airbobtwo@yahoo.com
19 Knack Jim       jimknack@comcast.net
20 Kraetzer Fritz       kraetzer@centurytel.net

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