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Clifford Erickson - 07-28-2008
Clifford Erickson (1958)
Clifford Erickson (1958, COL) writes, 'The following flight of fancy occured to me while perusing our 50th Class Report. By Our Names Shall We Know Us What’s in a name? To continue to paraphrase the Immortal Bard (or one of his wannabes) a chrysanthemum by any other name would be easier to spell. Presumably we know how to spell our own names and therefore, barring any transcription errors, they are spelled correctly in the Class Report. So, without resorting to any other contributed information, let’s see what we can infer about our class by reading no further than our names. First, there are twelve Smiths, but nary a Jones. Clearly, “keeping up” has not been high on our priority list. We came very close to living by bread alone: we have four Millers, four Bakers, but only one Cooke. Remembering the French Revolution from Soc. Sci. 6 or some other provenance, we could perhaps have alternated between bread and cake. Classmate Erich Segal’s book notwithstanding, we are not an extremely colorful class—one Gray, three Greens and five Browns. Since some of us have gained a passing knowledge of German, we can brighten the situation just a bit by adding one Braun, one Weiss, and one Schwarz. I’m sure you’ll all agree that, individually and severally, we have come a long way—no small feat when you consider the fact that we were restricted to five vehicles: two Fords, two Nashes, and a Packard. One of our classmates has observed that we were from a nameless generation that produced no presidential timber. Ah, but it’s precisely our names that yield a veritable forest of presidents, to wit: Adams (1), Jackson (1), Tyler (2), Taylor (4), Buchanan (1), Johnson (6), Hayes (2), Harrison (1), Wilson (5), Harding (1), Coolidge (1), Kennedy (1), Ford (2), Carter (1), Regan(sp) (1), Bush (1). As far as the discovery of the new world is concerned, feel free to follow your own instincts in support of either the Vikings or the Italian Navigator--we have two Ericksons and one Columbo. Irrespective of our route to the new world we have been conscientious regarding our environment and relied mostly on natural materials to build it up: Stone (6), Wood (3), and Steel (1). It is for the defense of this our new world that our armory is virtually bare—one Archer, one Spear, one Winchester, and one Sherman. With the majority of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan the best we can do as a class is to get to the polls in November.'
Submitted on Jun 25 2008
Jerry Rabow - 07-11-2008
Thanks foir the site -- I hope it continues to grow.  And thanks especially for using our 'official' class umbrella photo -- that's one we'll always remember.
John Winthrop - 06-08-2008
Charlie...You guys certainly gave a week to remember.  I will spread the word in the Southeast!!  Best to you both.  John W.  (the King of Southern Comfort)
Steve Heard - 06-07-2008

Dear Classmates,

I am sorry that a muscle tear in my right calf prevented me from joining you at the reunion.  I am REALLY sorry that Susie didn't have a chance to meet you and your wives especially since she's been listening to slightly embellished stories about a number of you for years.  However, she and I look forward to reports from our unauthorized agents, Winthrop, Krogh and Ames.

Oh, yes, Keith - how did our little 'project' in Zimbabwe work out?  It sure got hairy at the end and I really appreciated your arranging the exfiltration!  I owe you, man!

As Marlon Brando said famously - Rock On!

Steve Heard
Jim Knack - 06-07-2008

Many thanks for your part in making our 50th a real success.  Of course what I most appreciated was the chance to try out my long unused rowing skills and to use my 53 year old rowing shoes/booties.   The t-shirts were the icing on the cake.  Many thanks

Jim Knack

Alfred Derrow - 05-25-2008
Plan to attend,but 1st must get through Simmons College reunion on weekend.
Peter Piper Bolles - 05-24-2008
Look forward to the 50th although it has come all too quickly.  It feels like the 25th was just yesterday and graduation in the Yard a stone's throw away.  I can still remember going to the Harvard-Yale baseball game during commencement week and seeing the Class of '03 sitting as a proud group of Harvard Grads in the left field stands as they celebrated their 55th.  Unbelievable and remarkable the history and tardition represented at a Harvard Graduation and like the Class of '03, the Great '58 is a part of that proud tradition.



Duane Wadsworth - 05-23-2008
Lorna and I are excited about attending. Hard to believe that 50 years have passed but we're all 'still standing' and may that continue for a while.....Cheers!
Deke Smith - 05-21-2008
Nancy and I will be at the 50th.
George Hatch - 05-21-2008
I shall register once I get through the red tape.  Out here we shoot 'em and brand 'em. The office is paperless. Can you imagine being asked to fill out a PDF form!?! What is this the stone-age revistited?
Daniel R. Swett - 05-19-2008
Susan and I will be at the Reunion.  Thanks for setting up this website.
Adam Clymer - 05-18-2008
Ann Clymer and I will be there

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