Harvard and Radcliffe College Class of 1958
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Harvard and Radcliffe College Class of 1958 - Yearbook
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'58 Elects Officers
Published On Friday, May 09, 1958  12:00 AM

John H. Finley, III, of Eliot House and Cambridge, was elected yesterday Secretary of the 1958 Permanent Class Committee. James R. Houghton, of Lowell House and Corning, N.Y., was chosen Class Treasurer

Dean Bundy Will Address Seniors At '58 Class Day
Published On Saturday, May 31, 1958  12:00 AM

Dean Bundy will speak at the Seniors' Class Day ceremonies on June 11, the 1958 Permanent Class Committee announced yesterday. The morning's program, presided over by Merom Brachman, First Marshal of the Class, will also include a serious speech to be delivered by Adam Clymer, Class Orator. The Ivy Oration, traditionally a humorous piece, will be given by Harold E. Fitzgibbons, Jr.

The assembled Seniors and their guests will also hear the Class Poem of Erich W. Segal. The Class Ode, written by L. John Felstiner will be sung by Chorister Frederick Brozer.

Seniors will then be welcomed to the ranks of the Alumni by the President of the Associated Harvard Clubs and the President of the Harvard Alumni Association.

For the first time in history, the Class Committee had invited the Radcliffe Senior Class to be guests at the event, but their Cliffie counterparts had to decline the invitation as the morning ceremony conflicts with Radcliffe graduation.

Prelude to Graduation 1958
Published On Thursday, June 12, 1958  12:00 AM

Class Day speakers examined the beat generation, the universe, and Puritanism in yesterday morning's exercises in the Sever Quadrangle.

Adam Clymer, class orator, termed the Class of 1958 the 'overclassified generation,' and denounced the current attempts at pigeon-holing today's young people as the beat generation, the silent generation, or the unsilent generation.

He excused his generation's apathy toward mass demonstration on the grounds that contemporary college students tend to see that complicated problems cannot be solved by parades and placards. Clymer concluded that it is too early to evaluate the worth of today's graduates, just as their parents' generation could not be judged by 'the goldfish they gulped.'

Ivy Oration

Delivering the traditionally humorous Ivy Oration, Harold E. Fitzgibbons protested against an alleged 'Puritan revival' on the part of the University, exemplified by bans on parking and liquor in the stadium. He also suggested that the Program for Harvard College might be augmented by turning Soldiers Field into a dog-track during the 'off-season,' which he claimed extended throughout the year.

Class poet Erich W. Segal entitled his selection 'The Universe and Tea,' and he poked fun at the multitude of Harvard 'initials,' from H.D.C. to P.B.K. John Felstiner gave a reading of the Class Ode, followed by Frederick Brozer who sang the ode to the tune of 'Fair Harvard.'

Dean Leighton presented the Ames Awards, and Dean Bundy made general remarks.

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