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Questions on How to Use Harvard1958.com ?
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Charlie Atkinson
05-17-2008 01:58pm

05-04-2008 - With the Secret Password, here are the Further Instructions: Welcome Back Website for the Virtual 50th Reunion of Harvard and Radclife Class of 1958

# Attached File (50th Reunion Registration Form Harvard1958dotcom.pdf)

HARVARD1958.COM: Welcome to the unofficial gathering place of the Harvard and Radcliffe Class of 1958.

STARTED MAY 1, 2008: This site was started on May 1, 2008, is maintained by the 50th Reunion Hospitality Committee, and will be created by the collaborative participation of our Harvard and Radcliffe class members.
GO TO CONTACT CLASSMATES OR REUNION:Your first priority is to click on the Contact Classmates link and add or update your contact information with at least your Reunion Attendance Intentions Or click on Reunions and just RSVP!

SECRET PASSWORD: If you don't have the Secret Password, just click on Contact Administrator and send an email request.

UPDATE MY INFO: Once you see the Classmates who are registered, see if you are there or not.  In either case, click on Update My Info and add additional content.

JOHN HARVARD'S ADVICE ON YOUR HARVARD MEMORIES: Be sure to check out John Harvard for guidance  on how to fill out BIOGRAPHY  where there are instructions for a short Harvard and Radcliffe 1958 story or memory to share.  Or current info you would like folks to know about!

EQUIVALENT OF FRESHMAN SWIM TEST:  As for this Welcome Back Website, think grassroots participation, think uncontrolled spontaneous combustion, think chaos theory, think happy Harvard happenings, think the 50th Reunion equivalent of the Freshman Swim Test and think viral marketing…......so help us spread the word.

VIRTUAL REUNION FOR ALL AND FOREVER: And do come back frequently, do let other classmates know about this site, and do share access info with them .......and do know that you are virtually Welcome Back already if you participate...... even if you can't make it back in person!

HARVARD1958.COM ANSWER TO FACEBOOK.COM: Our mission is to encourage as many members from Harvard and Radcliffe to come back to Harvard1958.com if not Harvard Yard for the 50th Reunion June 1 to 5, 2008. And then to keep us connected for the next fifty.

JUST DO IT: Let the Games Continue!!!

Charlie Atkinson '58
Welcome Back Website Pied Piper
50th Reunion Hospitality Committee
REGISTRATION FORM: PS Please open the attachment for complete 50th Reunion Registration Form for Fax or Snail Mail!!!

PRIVACY: PPS Only the Contact Classmates is Password Protected.  The rest of the site is available on the Internet to all.


1.  Go to Harvard1958.com
2.  Go to Reunions and click on 'Who's Coming?' to see who is on the website so far.
3.  Click on RSVP and enter your info being sure to complete Verification with five Capital Letters before Updating Your Info which Submits or Saves your Entry to our Cloudtop Harvard1958.com class computer.
4.  You can also click on Contact Classmates and get the Secret Password from the Adminstrator or Webiste Committee by clicking on these links any time for Help
5.  Make this a CHAIN LETTER  and please contact your classmates and welcome this to Harvard1958.com.  Each person needs to invite Ten more to join and we will soon have everyone.

Attached File: 50th Reunion Registration Form Harvard1958dotcom.pdf

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